Last Updated on January 9, 2021


The Maintenance staff provide a variety of services, including routine filter changes, smoke detector checks, light bulb replacement, fixing slow draining or sinks, and repairing clogged drains. Also contact Maintenance for non-billing related Comcast issues. Please contact the General Services Office at 443-29SERVE (443-297-3783).

Cooling/Heating System and Space Heaters
Every apartment is equipped with a climate control system and thermostat. If you have problems regulating the temperature within your apartment, please contact the General Services Office at 443-29SERVE (443-297-3783).

Routine Filter Changes
The General Services Engineering staff will change the filter in your apartment’s system at a frequency consistent with the manufacturer’s recommendation. If you miss your scheduled filter change appointment, please contact the General Services Office at 443-29SERVE (443-297-3783).

Reminder Concerning Garbage Disposal Usage

Living in an apartment and utilizing a garbage disposal is quite different than living in a home and utilizing a garbage disposal. If a garbage disposal is not used correctly back up can occur in an apartment above or below yours. Please note the following...

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Are You Using Your Garbage Disposal?

Because of continuing problems that occur from the misuse of garbage disposals, it was felt that rerunning a previous Sunburst article on the topic is warranted. Our maintenance staff would really appreciate your cooperation, as well as your neighbors on...

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