Last Updated on August 12, 2022

Zoom Tips

How to create your account and download Zoom

Zoom logo
Zoom works best when you have the software downloaded on your tablet, phone, or computer and create a free account with your email address and a password.  You can download the software directly from Zoom at this address:

See this tutorial from Zoom on how to sign up for your free account and download the software:

Become familiar with the Zoom dashboard 

Learn where things are located on the Zoom control panel: Audio and Video

See links to view a screenshot of desktop (MAC or PC), iPad, Android tablet, or phone. 

Toggle to change back and forth from Gallery to Speaker view.

Click on chat to view text messages shared by participants during a Zoom session.

See a tutorial to join a meeting.

Tips for Screen Sharing

Limit open applications to what you will display before you start Screen Share.

The host controls whether others in the meeting can share. 

If playing a video, be sure to (1) share computer sound and (2) optimize screen share for video clip before you click on Share Screen

<a href=””>Screen sharing a Power Point presentation</a>

Zoom Settings

Settings from Inside Application: Settings -> Profile or  Background & Filters and more.

Video: Adjust for low light
Audio: Test your Speaker and Microphone
Background & Filters: Change your background image or have fun with the new filters
Profile: View Advanced Features, which will take you to Settings

Settings from Sign-in to your account.


Meetings – schedule, change settings, add polls

Recordings – see local and cloud recordings

Settings – enable Breakout Rooms, enable YouTube video live stream)