Last Updated on May 19, 2020

Searching this Website

How to Search:

There are several ways to search on to find the content you want:

(1) Use the Search link on the blue navigation bar at the top of the screen (available on desktop/laptop computers, only)
(2) Use the magnifying glass
(3) Use the search box toward the bottom of front page above Contact Form
(4) Use the search box on the right side of a blog page on a desktop or laptop computer, near the bottom of the blog page, on a tablet or smartphone.

The Search link on the navigation bar at the top of the website is visible as white text on a blue background – see it circled in green:

The magnifying glass is located on the top navigation line of the website – see it circled in red:


Phone view

Desktop  view

Frontpage Search Box

The frontpage search box is located below the topic buttons – see it circled in green:

Phone view

Desktop  view

Blog Page Search Box

The blog page search box in the righthand column on any of the blog pages. Here it is circled in teal:

Phone view

Desktop  view

Searching a Keyword

Once you pick the method you want to use, add your text into the box and click on the Search button.

Here is an example of searching by a single keyword.

Search by keyword:  examples: “Origami”

Click on the relevant page from your results to get to the content you want.

origami search

Searching a Phrase

You can also search by phrase by putting the relevant words in quotation marks. If you search by phrase and do not use quotation marks, you will see results for any of the words in a phrase. Note the difference between – a movie title from the movie of the day in quotes and without quotes. If you search for a movie of the day, such as Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, without quotes, you get many false hits. Without quotes, it will zero in on the correct title. 

Without quotes, there are a number of other items in addition to what you are looking for. Note Caton Woods comes up in the search for “cat on.”

A search of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof entered with quotes around the phrase gives results limited to only the correct phrase.

Additional Searching Tips

Searching with quotes, although useful in the example above, might be too restrictive, if you are making up your own phrase.


For example, searching with quotes – “What is the Atrium menu for this week?” will yield no results. Instead, try your search using relevant nouns without quotes. In this case try the words atrium menu.

Once you have a list of search results, look at the accompanying descriptions to help you choose what looks best for your needs. The search link (red circle) directs you to the signature dining menu for the Atrium. The search link (green circle) directs you to the weekly menu.

Results for atrium menu search

Familiarize yourself with the menu bar near the top of the screen. It allows you to browse by category through the most popular topics.

On a desktop or laptop screen you can hover over a heading and a sub-menu will appear. Those sub-menus with a V beside them, have a further selection of choices.

Some examples:

council dropdown menu
Resident Life dropdown menu
Dining dropdown menu

The dropdown menu bar does not exist when one uses a tablet or smartphone to access the website.

Rather you will see three stacked blue bars (also called a hamburger) on the top right of the resident website homepage.

When a user taps on the hamburger, a list of the items in the dropdown menu appears. Scroll down your screen to see the entire list.

image of cellphone hamburger
image of cellphone dropdown list

Our search does not work with PDFs

Keep in mind that the search icon does not search the internal content of a PDF, which is a picture of a page. You cannot look up “chocolate cake” to find which restaurant has it. See the PDF Help File.

Contact Us

If you do not find something on the website, and you think that it should be there, send us a note on the Contact Form. We may have used a different term for the concept, or the item might be missing from the website. In either case, we want to learn about it and fix it.