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Magnifying Glass – Search

The magnifying glass on the top menu of the Charlestown Residents’ Website page is a Search icon, and if you click it, you will be able to type in a word or phrase to find what you are looking for.

Use short keyword for your topic, such as ELLIC, MACCRA, movie.

If you have a specific phrase, you can look just for those words together by enclosing the phrase in quotes, such as “Patient Health Portal.”  Avoid long phrases unless trying to link to a very specific item. In that case, be sure to put the phrase in quotes. 

If your keyword does not give any results, be sure to try a synonym  as well. 

You can also search by filling in a term at the bottom of the front page on our Search Bar. It searches exactly the same way as the link to the magnifying glass.

Search bar image

Keep in mind that the search icon does not search the internal content of a PDF, and so you cannot look up “chocolate cake” to find which restaurant has it.

If you do not find something on the website, and you think that it should be there, send us a note on the Contact Form. We may have used a different term for the concept, or the item might be missing from the website. In either case we want to learn about it.