Last Updated on March 26, 2019

The CARE PATH Program: A New Opportunity for Residents to Use the Medical Center

One of the fundamental goals of the Medical Center has always been to seek out new and better ways to seive each and every member of the community. We want to provide the highest quality of care to all residents whether or not their p1imary physician is at the community. Because of this we are now offering a program to those of you who have yet to access the on-site medical services.

The CARE PATH Program offers the opportunity to have a health care provider at the Medical Center even if you have decided to continue to use a primary physician from outside of your community. We deeply respect your decision to do so and we want to do all we can to facilitate your care on campus. By joining CARE PATH and coming to the Medical Center for an appointment with one of our outstanding Erickson Healths M providers you will avail yourself of a number of important opportunities:

Accurate Records-Your medical records on campus will be accurate, up to date , and computerized so that EMS can quickly access them in the event of an emergency. We can also instantly provide you with a printed copy of your record should you travel or simply want to have one on hand. When you come for your visit please bring in your medical history and medication list as the record we create will only be as accurate as the one you provide.

Liaison Services-The Erickson Health8 provider understands all the services available to you on campus and can act as a liaison for your physician effectively coordinating your care. The provider will be happy to call your physician at any time and they can be a resource/contact for your physician as well.

Urgent/Emergency Services-If you have an urgent medical need, you can feel comfortable knowing we have an up-to-date copy of your records and can thus treat you with a full understanding of your medical history.

Insurance Coverage-Most of these services are covered as standard office visits by Medicare and most insurance providers. In the unlikely event that your initial visit is not covered by Medicare, you will be advised in advance. If you have HMO or alternate insurance coverage please call the Medical Center, and the practice manager will work closely with you to review your coverage and determine what is available to you. You might be pleasantly surprised to learn of the “opt-out” benefits of many plans.

Please call the Medical Center today to schedule an appointment and establish a record with us in the Medical Center. You’ll be happy you did. As always, if you prefer to simply sign on with one of our Doctors when you call, you may do this as well.

Below you will find the three forms you will want to download, print and complete.

To get more detailed information on the CARE PATH program beyond this information, call your Charlestown Medical Center today at 410-247-5602.

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New Resident Packet Forms for resident to print, complete, and return to Medical Center

New Resident Consent to Obtain Medical History Form for resident to print, complete, and return to Medical Center

Notice of Privacy Practices Form for resident to print, complete, and return to Medical Center