Last Updated on July 29, 2017

U.S. Postal Addresses

U.S. Mailboxes are located in each building lobby across from the front desk.

Your mailbox is numbered to correspond with your apartment number. You are issued one key for the mailbox, but a duplicate key can be obtained for a small fee by contacting Maintenance. Delivered items that are too large for the mailbox will be held for you as an accommodation at the front desk in the building in which you reside, and the receptionist will leave a notice on your mailbox.

The US Postal Service will place all mail that is properly addressed (including your apartment number) in the mailboxes. When filling out change of address cards for your mail, please remember to include your apartment number as part of your address change. Mail that is not addressed with your apartment number takes at least one (1) and as many as five (5) extra days for delivery, and may even be returned to the sender for an Insufficient Address.

Your New Address should appear as in the example below:

Mr. and Mrs. ____________________
XXX Maiden Choice Lane, XX-XXX
Catonsville, MD 21228

Please contact the Front Desk if you have any questions regarding your new mailing address. See Hours of Operation for hours that the Front Desks are open. See list below for Building Names and Abbreviations:

Edgewood (EW)Courtyard Crossing707 Maiden Choice Lane
Courtyard Crossing (CY7)Courtyard Crossing707 Maiden Choice Lane
Arborside (AS8)Courtyard Crossing707 Maiden Choice Lane
Greentree Court (GC9)Courtyard Crossing707 Maiden Choice Lane
Continuing CareContinuing Care709 Maiden Choice Lane
Fountain Hill (FH1)Fountain Hill713 Maiden Choice Lane
Maple Terrace (MT2)Fountain Hill713 Maiden Choice Lane
New Carroll (NC4) or (NC5)Fountain Hill713 Maiden Choice Lane
Chapel Court (CC)Charlestown Square715 Maiden Choice Lane
Parkview (PV)Charlestown Square715 Maiden Choice Lane
Caton Ridge (CR)Charlestown Square715 Maiden Choice Lane
Harborview (HV)Charlestown Square715 Maiden Choice Lane
The Saint Charles (ST)St. Charles717 Maiden Choice Lane
Brookside (BR)Cross Creek Station719 Maiden Choice Lane
Herberts Run (HR)Cross Creek Station719 Maiden Choice Lane
Caton WoodsCaton Woods721 Maiden Choice Lane