Last Updated on June 1, 2020

One Thousand Origami Cranes on Display in St. Charles Elevator Lobby in June

Submitted by Kay Buck

Project K is to make wish through folding one thousand origami cranes (Japanese tradition). My wish is for “Wellness of Charlestown residents and employees”. I attached “One Thousand Origami Crane” poster which I created when I displayed one thousand origami cranes outside our apartment shelf.  As I fold cranes, I add them in the container. Once I fold one thousand cranes, they are strung by strings. The plan is to reach the goal (1000) in two weeks. Then they will be strung together for hanging.

Updated April 20: Reached 750 cranes folded.
Updated April 28: Reached 1000 cranes folded.
Updated May 3: 500 cranes strung so far.
Updated May 9: Project completed: 1000 cranes strung.
Updated June 1: Project on display St. Charles elevator lobby, 5th floor for the month of June, 2020.


project k completed
Cranes on display on 5th floor St. Charles lobby