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Print copies of current ELLIC Catalog and CCBC Course Guide and registration forms for CCBC courses are available at all lobby desk display areas, when officially announced.

Volunteer Run Educational Opportunities on Campus

Learn Line Dancing Starting March 5th!

It’s new! It’s fun! It’s great exercise! (And, it’s not just a country-western thing anymore.) Ms. Paula Mikowicz will teach you dance steps that work with just about any type of music with a good beat.Open to all residents. No need for a...

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Learn Hula and the History of Hawaii

Classes will begin on Tuesday, October 9, 2018, are open to all residents, and will be taught by resident Kasi “Keolapua” Nakamura.  Kasi opened the Hawaiian Dance School in Pasadena, MD and has been an instructor of Hawaiian & Polynesian Dance and...

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