ELLIC (Elderhostel’s Lifelong Learning Institute at Charlestown)

Organized by a steering committee, our institute provides outstanding learning opportunities for Charlestown residents by encouraging the talented among us to share their knowledge and expertise, by bringing exceptional professional presentations to our campus. The program is modeled from hundreds that operate nationally to provide continued learning experiences for retired people, through a variety of educational classes, musical entertainment,  crafts, trips, tours, and more. Education is a life-long pursuit that enriches the lives of all people of any age. See ELLIC’s course catalog for detailed course information and dates.

A Brief 10-Year History of ELLIC

Would you like to teach or facilitate an ELLIC activity?  Print and complete the application form and return it to Art Chenoweth.

For additional information including updated calendar of activities and classes, current course catalog, and course openings, see


ELLIC table at Fruits of our Labors 2016

Steering Committee Meetings:

2nd Friday 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM Brookside Classroom 2


ELLIC Calendar