Medical Center

Renovations will start after the staff and equipment is moved temporarily to the space vacated by Human Resources and the Employee Wellness Center as they move to the renovated space in Patapsco Crossing (Building 6).

Wilton Overlook

The continuing care repositioning project now has a name. Wilton Overlook was selected after a vote by residents. Building 6 has a new name as Patapsco Crossing. The timeline for the major project is listed.

90-Day Outlook

June 2017                              Tree removal behind RG for parking lot

June – July 2017                    Demolition of RGT foundation & slabs

July 2017                                Patapsco Crossing (Building 6) completed & occupied

August 2017                           RGN basement interior renovations completed

September 2017                    Temporary/partial parking lot completed

Major Milestones*

 Patapsco Crossing (Building 6)

Substantial completion & occupancy end of July 2017

Wilton Overlook – Phase 1

Construction, July 2017 thru Oct 2018

Occupancy end of January 2019

Wilton Overlook – Phase 2

RG South Building Demo completed end of April, 2019

Construction, May 2019 thru June 2020

Occupancy end of September 2020

*Dates subject to change

Keep updated weekly and monthly on construction activities via:

  • Resident Townhalls
  • Sunburst – Construction Catchup Corner
  • Resident website – biweekly updates
  • Channel 972
  • Channel 970 – construction notices
  • MyErickson


City Lights

City Lights is closed for renovation. A new large two bedroom apartment is now occupied. The City Lights Lounge will be open August.

Cross Creek

  • The design for the common area from the lobby to the craft room is being reviewed and finalized.
  • The Chesapeake Kitchen repairs are starting with anticipated re-opening in August.
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