Last Updated on February 17, 2024

About the Website Team is the website supported by the Charlestown Residents’ Council for the benefit of the residents of the Charlestown Retirement Community in Catonsville, Maryland.

Three residents serve as co-webmasters. If you have comments or suggestions for the website, please use the Contact Form. If you are interested in joining the Website Subcommittee or learning how to be a content editor, please use the contact form.

David Douds

Walt Howe


Stephen Harders

Sara Nixon


Ed Piechowiak

Hope Tillman


Chair, Residents’ Website Subcommittee

Charlie Eichenlaub

Charlie Eichenlaub

Investigative Reporter

About the Website Subcommittee

The Website Team is supported by the Website Subcommittee, a part of the Communications Committee of the Charlestown Residents’ Council. The subcommittee meets in odd months in the hour prior to the Communications Committee which meets on the fourth Monday of the month at 1:00 PM. The role of the subcommittee is to

  • Promote the use of the website by the Council, Charlestown residents and others.
  • Recommend new and updated content to be added to the website to ensure that the website is a vital information hub and a useful resource.
  • Receive and review suggestions for changes and improvements to the Residents’ Council Website, with a focus on (1) content, (2) design, (3) accessibility and (4) functionality, including site structure, navigation, indexing, searching and archiving of content.
  • Review the website for broken links, incorrect information, outdated content, and any further edits needed.

About the Website is the website supported by the Charlestown Residents’ Council for the benefit of the residents of the Charlestown community. The purpose is to keep residents and their families, living in independent and continuing care apartments, informed about daily/weekly/monthly activities and special events. This includes Council activities, up-to-date news from resident clubs and groups and the Administration, dining menus, medical and fitness availability, reviews of books and movies, educational and trip opportunities, and general reference information such as hours of operation, campus maps, and how and where to voice a concern or initiate a service request.

ELLIC Presentation, “Treasures of the Residents’ Website ( and MyErickson”

Presentation Given in 2017 About our Website

Ann MacKay and Hope Tillman spoke at WordCamp Baltimore in 2017 about the redesign project for