Continuing Education

Print copies of the ELLIC and CCBC catalogs and registration forms for CCBC courses are available at all lobby desk display areas.


Register in person for Fall 2017 CCBC courses at Cross Creek Lobby on Friday, September 15 from 10:30 AM – Noon or send your completed registration form to the cubby of Sara Nixon, also by September 15th.

CCBC Course Guide: Fall 2017

Print copies of the CCBC Course Guide: Fall 2017 are also available at all lobby desks.

CCBC Course Catalog_web_Fall 2017


Fall Programs

Print copies of the 10th Anniversary ELLIC Fall 2017 Catalog are also available at all lobby desks.

ELLIC Fall 2017 Catalog
NOTE: Below, see a list of Fall ELLIC programs scheduled for the Auditorium that still have openings.The ELLIC Fall 2017 Catalog above provides details for each of the offerings.

Sign up for any or all of these ELLIC Fall programs that still have available slots.