Last Updated on May 25, 2021

Communicating with Community Resources:

Where Your Ideas Become Reality

Starting a New Group

• Mary Evans, ext. 601-8558, is your primary contact to start-up of a new resident-driven activity which includes all groups, clubs and special events. She will provide assistance for all of your start-up needs!

How to Get on the Community Concert Series Mailing List

  • Jennifer Tillett is your primary contact for all performing arts events taking place at Charlestown.  She also sends out a monthly e-newsletter which highlights the upcoming month’s performances.  If you would like to receive this e-newsletter, please e-mail Jennifer at with your request.

Getting Information on the Calendar

  • Once you form your new group; determine if you would like to advertise in the monthly calendars.
  • Special Events Calendar (highlights all the one-time special events / activities open to entire community)
  • Comprehensive Monthly Calendar (large calendar that includes all recurring resident groups, clubs, meetings, etc., as well as one-time special events)
  • All calendar information must be submitted to Rose Sands by the 3rd Monday of every month.
  • Notify Rose if your group changes or cancels a meeting or event, particularly during holidays and the summer months.
  • The calendar is also available online at My Erickson at and the Residents’ website at

Room Scheduling and Set-Ups (i.e.; Work Orders)

  • All public spaces must be reserved prior to your meeting or event.
  • To reserve a meeting space, contact any member of the Community Resources Team.
  • Room schedules are posted outside meeting spaces. Please note that these schedules show recurring meetings ONLY. One-time events may still be occurring in a room event if it is not listed on the Room Schedule. Do not assume that a room is empty and available for your use.  If you have not contacted Community Resources, then your room reservation is NOT
  • If you would like a specific set-up for your meeting, Community Resources completes and submits a Work Order to Housekeeping on your behalf. Please note, that work orders must be submitted at lease two (2) weeks prior to your event.
  • If you change or cancel a meeting or event, please let Community Resources know as soon as possible so that your reservation is cancelled and another group can use the space.
  • If your group changes leadership, disbands, or discontinues using its meeting space, please notify Community Resources as soon as possible.

Advertising Your Group, Club, or Meeting

  • In addition to the monthly calendar; the community Bulletin Boards are a great way to advertise your new group or club.
  • All postings on the Bulletin Boards must be approved and signed by a member of Community Resources.
  • You should make a fun, eye-catching flyer for your new meeting and send it to Erin Morris for posting.
  • Please note that Bulletin Boards may not go up immediately; please allow 2-3 business days to process.
  • Your flyer will remain on the Boards for up to 2 weeks (with exceptions); and will also be sent to Channel 972 for posting on the TV scroll.

How to Become a Charlestown Volunteer

Stephanie Knowles is the Volunteer Program Coordinator, and your main contact for information on the wide variety of volunteer activities available to residents.

Volunteer activities are available in Independent Living and Continuing Care. Volunteer news and updates can be seen on Channel 972, on the “My Erickson” app and on the Charlestown resident website: Resident Life/Volunteering

What Else Can We Do for You?

  • Creative Arts Studios: We have three arts studios on campus available for your use to create your masterpieces. Often these rooms have open studio time; but sometimes groups have the room reserved. Please checks all room schedules or call Community Resources before entering. Cabinet storage keys and display case spaces are also available. Please contact Erin Morris for more information.
  • My Erickson Resident App: Check out what’s going on around campus, check your Meal Plan Balances, message staff from your device, and so much more! Currently for use on desktop and laptop computers, tablets, and phones for all resident with a valid e-mail address. Contact Erin or Rose to sign-up for free!


For more in-depth information about Community Resources and Groups, Clubs and Organizations, please refer to the Community Resource Guidebook or contact:

Contact Information

Mary Evans, Community Resources Manager

Mary Evans

Community Resources Manager
Office #: 410-737-8838, ext. 601-8558
Located in Cross Creek, Brookside

Rose Sands

Rose Sands

Community Resources Coordinator
Office #:410-737-8838, ext. 601-8172
Located in Cross Creek, Brookside Billiards’ Room

Rose Sands

Olivia Lippy

Community Resources Coordinator
Office #:410-737-8838, ext. 601-8570
Located in Cross Creek, Brookside

Jennifer Tillett

Stephanie Knowles

Volunteer Coordinator
Office #: 410-737-8133
Located in Maple Terrace

Jennifer Tillett

Jennifer Tillett

Concert Coordinator
Office #: 410-737-8838, ext. 601-8577
Located in Cross Creek, Brookside

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