Home Support Services

Charlestown Home Support Services, located on campus in Brookside, Terrace Level, is dedicated to providing quality care for residents, which allows them to live safely and independently in the privacy of their own apartment homes.  All Charlestown Home Support staff are licensed by the State of Maryland and are Charlestown employees. The service has a professional, private duty program of licensed, certified nursing assistants (Home Support Aides) who provide a broad range of personal care that can be scheduled for any number of hours per day and days per week. Registered nurses are available to set up medication cassettes, do skilled visits such as wound care, eye drops and BP monitoring, and to accompany residents to medical appointments on and off campus. A Home Support nurse is always on-call. Additional examples of care are listed on page 32 of the 2016 Resident Handbook.

Home Support Services is licensed by the State of Maryland, so long-term care insurance will cover the cost of most home care needs, depending on a resident’s individual policy. A list of ancillary fees is on page 93 of the 2016 Resident Handbook. Home Support Services will provide complimentary submission to a resident’s insurance company. The cost of having personalized home support can be billed monthly directly to a resident’s account.

If you have questions or would like to know more about Charlestown Home Support, call 410-737-8801 or email Debora.herold@erickson.com to schedule a free consultation.