Last Updated on July 30, 2022

Home Support Services

Charlestown Home Support Services, located on campus in Brookside, is dedicated to providing quality care for our residents in the privacy of their own homes. Charlestown has a professional, private duty program of licensed Certified Nursing Assistants (Home Support Aides) who provide a broad range of personal care that can be scheduled from one hour to twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week. In addition, a Home Support Nurse is always on-call. Examples of care are listed on pages 25 of the Resident Handbook, 2022 in print or online under Resident Resources in MyErickson, which requires a password.

All Charlestown Home Support staff are licensed by the State of Maryland and are Charlestown employees. Therefore, residents or their families never have to worry about withholding taxes, background checks/drug screens or workman’s compensation issues, which are necessary when one hires their own home health worker. The cost of having personalized Home Support goes directly to a resident’s monthly bill, with no additional financial accounting needed. The updated 2022 List of Ancillary Fees was supplied as a handout in all cubbies in November, 2021, and is available online under Resident Resources in MyErickson, or contact Home Support about available services and accompanying fees.

Home Support is licensed by the State of Maryland, Long Term Care Insurance and thus will cover the cost of most home care needs depending on an individual’s policy. The department will provide complimentary submission to your long term care insurance company. The registered nurses are available to set up medication cassettes and provide visits for help with needs such as wound care, eye drops, and BP monitoring. They are also available to accompany residents to medical appointments on and off campus per request. Should you have questions or would like to discover how Charlestown’s Home Support can help you enjoy a more independent life, please call 410-737-8801 or email

Looking for Personal Care or Private Duty Services?

It’s a big decision. And when you choose carefully and correctly you get a big reward- peace of mind.
As you look at your different options, use this checklist to take notes and compare personal care or private duty providers. After you complete your research, call our Home Support Services office at 410-737-8838 x8801 to discuss the best care options for you and your loved one.


Agency hiring process includes screenings for certification and licensure verification checks, drug screenings and criminal background checks.

  • All caregivers have the appropriate licensure and insurance.
  • All aides are credentialed.
  • Aides’ RN supervisor evaluates the quality of care provided with on-site visits every 60 days.
  • All employees attend thorough orientation training, pass a skills competency test and receive a minimum of 12 hours a year of continuing education.
  • All employees are screened for TB, current with all required immunizations and bonded and insured by the employer.
  • All aides have specialized training in working with seniors.
  • Inclement weather policy is in place.
  • Coordinated care with primary care physician.
  • State income taxes, social security and other expenses are covered by agency.

Welcome to Kristen Aybar, Home Support Manager

Kristen Aybar is no stranger to Charlestown as she has over 15 years of senior living experience, the last 10 being spent at Charlestown within rehab. She is a licensed occupational therapist and holds a master’s degree in Occupational Therapy and has served as a co-instructor for the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program at CCBC. She is a Certified Lymphedema Therapist (CLT), LSVT BIG Certified for Movement Disorders and is an Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS).

Home Support Update October 2021

Home Support has a new Assistant Administrator of Home Care, Brandie Simons, and she will specifically oversee the Home Support Department. A handful of new staff has been hired as we continue to focus on caregiver consistency and have started check-in visits with residents to follow up on the care experience.

Below is a listing of some services offered:
· Bathing/Dressing
· Meal Preparation
· Grocery shopping
· Laundry
· Wheelchair escorts
· Medication pick-up
· Light Housekeeping
· Medication Reminders
· Companionship
· Pet Care
· And more…

Casey Jaekle
Home Care Administrator

Using Outside Personnel for Home Services


I write this as a friendly but serious reminder of the importance of taking precautions when we hire any outside provider of personnel services, so you and I can remain COVID-19 free. Nothing new, but very important for us since it relates to our unique population’s health vulnerability. Dr. Fauci of the CDC has indicated several times that “40-45% of COVID-19 infections are caused by those who are asymptomatic”. So, why is this important to know? Or why should you care?

Those of us who live in Charlestown’s independent living apartments have been extremely ‘lucky’ in that we have had only 6 residents who have contracted the coronavirus, one of whom unfortunately died. This deceased was infected by someone from the outside providing private services and though vetted at the main gate, the carrier was asymptomatic and unknowingly infected the resident. The other residents were infected when visiting family, friends or using outside service persons while relaxing their guard to avoid infection.

Charlestown encourages us to take all precautions necessary when we bring anyone into our homes for whatever reason, be they family, friends or various service personnel (for example, pet-walkers, maids, beauticians, etc.), since any one of those visitors may be infected by the coronavirus, yet be asymptomatic. Both you and the visitor should be wearing masks properly, stay at least 6 feet apart, and frequently wash your hands. However, since visiting rules at Charlestown have been relaxed, many residents are not being as careful as they should be.

This week alone, I have nudged about fifteen residents/service personnel to “Please cover your nose” who were wearing their masks improperly. And to ask: Where is your mask? of those neighbors who were not wearing one. I’m afraid that mask fatigue is creeping on campus and people are letting their guard down, especially since red signs went to blue, giving a sense of it’s okay now to be less cautious.

This becomes most important when using home care personnel because it is your responsibility to ensure that these providers have been vetted, have had background checks, have liability insurance, etc. The aides may have been visiting a client outside of Charlestown and may have been infected. Ask, if they have been tested for COVID-19. I have seen a couple of private home health aides coming out of apartments without using masks and/or the resident not wearing theirs. I have reminded those persons to do so; nicely, of course. For peace of mind, I encourage you to make use of the Charlestown’s Home Care personnel who are vetted and tested and are your best bet to staying healthy.

Please, let’s help each other live another year!

Merci Izquierdo-Whitaker
Chair, Residents’ Council Health Services Committee

Home Support is Getting a New Uniform

Uniform Updates

July, 2018

Why are we changing our uniforms? 

Charlestown is a vibrant community that provides a social and active lifestyle for residents. The enhancement of the Home Support uniforms is to model such an environment and to provide a more home-style look and appearance.

Why were polo style shirts selected as the new uniform top?

The specific style of shirt was selected to provide a more “home-like” appearance for Home Support staff when providing care to residents. Our previous uniform top, known as “Scrubs”, is typically worn in hospitals and other health care settings.

When will the change take effect?
The uniform change will take effect by July 23, 2018.

We hope that you will be pleased with the updated appearance of our team! Be on the lookout for more information on our new uniforms, airing on Channel 972 and in the August Sunburst!

~Casey Jaekle, July 12, 2018~