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Candidates for Residents’ Council 2019

Janet Allen

Jane Amtman

I moved from Catonsville to Charlestown with my husband, Bob, in September 2018. I am a retired elementary media specialist (aka librarian) from the Baltimore County Public school system. Since moving to Charlestown, I have volunteered with the Fresh Produce setup in Sandtown. I do water aerobics, line dancing, and play mahjong for fun as well as work out in the gym. As we acclimate to our new life at Charlestown, my plan is to take on more volunteer activities. I love meeting all the new people and hearing about their previous lives before becoming a Charlestown resident.

Ronny Burrell

I have been a resident of Charlestown for 7 years and have participated in the community as an usher at the Our Lady of the Angels chapel and as a member of the Chess, Tennis and Journal clubs. I am a graduate of Howard University (BSEE 1961) and the Naval War College (MA 1991), and have over forty-years’ experience in the development, and management of automated information systems and programs. I was member and officer of the Strathmore Bel Pre-Civic Association ( for many years. I believe these disciplines and experiences could well serve a position on the Residents’ Council.

Cindy Jones

Anna Marie Ciarrocchi

I moved to Charlestown from Columbia in 2015. I had worked in Silver Spring and thus prior to moving here I had never been in Catonsville! What a treasure I had been missing! I am a stepmom to five children and grandmother to nine. My career path has been varied: French teacher, Community Developer in Brazil, and Clinical Social worker dealing with addictions and personality disorders. I am on the Chapel Concert Committee, I love to work at the treasure sale, I love the Great Decisions classes, and once a month I help out at Fresh at the Market in Sandtown. I believe resident volunteers contribute greatly to Charlestown.

Cindy Jones

Dick Crebs

Resident since February 2018. I am 74 years old. I earned my Bachelors in Physics from Ohio State University in 1967. I graduated in June, got married in July, and we relocated to Baltimore in August of 1967.I earned my Master’s in Computer Science from UMBC in 1997. I retired from Northrop Grumman after 43 years in 2010. I was a Test engineer in the Microelectronics department of the Advanced Technology Lab. I was Scoutmaster of Troop 307 for 3 ½ years and am myself an Eagle Scout as is our son Jason.

Barbara Fleming

Ronald DeAbreu

I am Ron DeAbreu, a native of British Guiana (now Guyana), the only English-speaking country in South America. After six years of graduate study at Boston University, I moved to Maryland with my wife Stephanie and our four-month old twins and began a 36-year career on the faculty of Anne Arundel Community College. For the last 15 years of that career, I chaired the English and Communications Department, directly or indirectly supervising 125 full or part-time faculty and serving on numerous committees. I am currently a member of the building and lands committee of the Annapolis Quaker Meeting. Since moving to Charlestown with Stephanie a year ago, I have volunteered for the Treasure Sales, and I help to maintain the Nature Trail and the Butterfly Garden.

Bill Tilles

Richard J. Griffith

On October 25, 2018 I moved to Charlestown anxious to get involved and learn about the community & the history. With an interest in the trail and treasure sale I volunteered for both. Maintenance and Engineering were most of my 38 years with the C&P Tel. Co. and Bell Atlantic retiring in December 1991. I have lived in Baltimore and Howard County most of my life. As a member for 25 years at the Catholic Community Church in Relay, I served as a volunteer “Chairperson of Building & Grounds Maintenance” for 20 Years. Volunteer 3 years on Woodland Village Architectural Compliance Committee, Junior Achievement Advisor 2 years. Worked part time for 25 years as physical trainer after retiring from Bell Atlantic.

Ken Jarboe

Eugenia High

My name is Eugenia High. I am a retired social worker. During the past five years I have lived at Charlestown where I explored and experienced its many opportunities. My Charlestown resume includes volunteering with Channel 972, the Birthday Angels, the Treasure Sale, Winter Putterland, ELLIC, and the Dining Ambassadors. I have participated in the Walking Club, the Computer Club, the Resident Life Committee, the Health Committee and the Nature Trail Committee. As a member of the Resident Council, I plan to help create an atmosphere where residents can contribute to and enjoy the benefits of the Charlestown life style.

Ken Jarboe

Maria “Merci” Izquierdo-Whitaker

After moving here in Dec. 2018, my husband David and I have been rapidly acclimating to living at Charlestown and loving it. I believe that I can contribute to the Resident Council by putting to use my volunteer experience managing & directing professional organizations and providing translating, consulting & training services for international institutions. Since retiring from Johns Hopkins 2008, I write and edit newsletters for clubs and teach Conversational Spanish at a Senior Center. I have been a Registered Dental Hygienist, Clinical Instructor, Financial Aid Director, Consultant and Skills Facilitator always focusing my efforts towards giving voice to diverse populations. My strengths are interpersonal relations, organizing, improving productivity and maintaining an excellent level of customer satisfaction.

Ken Jarboe

Donna Martin

Being a professional student or the Lone Ranger would have been enough. But my life evolved as a mother, pastor and hospice chaplain serving others in advocacy and empowerment roles always seeking the best life for all. I have coached kid’s softball, multi-tasked in ministry, shared with people at all stages of life and listened well. In my last 8 months at Charlestown I have participated in various groups including ELLIC, two Parkinson’s support groups, League of Women Voters, Sandtown Fresh at the Market volunteer, lgbt+ and Progressives Together. My life goal here at Charlestown is to continue to spread my silver bullet of empowering the best life in all of us, serving, kindness and a hearty “Hi-ho, Silver!”

Ken Jarboe

Robert Pelott

After graduating from the United States Naval Academy in 1961, I served two tours as a Marine in Viet Nam retiring from the USMC in 1978. Completed MA from U of Colorado in 1971. Founded New Options Consulting Group. Sold 5 office business in 2004. Attended part time cooking classes at L’Academie de Cuisine for two years. Moved to Catonsville In November 2017. Volunteer activities include Knights of Columbus, Usher at 7PM Mass at OLOA chapel, Resident Ambassador, Friendly Visitor and Archives. Completed certification, with my Westie–Wills–for therapy dogs. Visit residents, with Wills, in Caton Woods and RG. I plan to continue to serve and provide beneficial support to my fellow residents as a member of the Residents’ Council.

Ken Jarboe

Pat Rudolph

I became a resident of Charlestown in June 2018. In my prior life, I was a serial retiree. Having retired from the University of Alabama where I taught finance, I went on to teach at American University and to run my own financial planning practice. After that, as a change from the business school, I decided to study theology at St. Mary’s Ecumenical Institute. Here at Charlestown, I have volunteered at the Treasure Sale and at OLOA. I love to walk, read and make mosaics. My cats, Stan and Oliver, keep me company.

Ken Jarboe

Arlene Saks-Martin

I have been a widow for the past twelve years and a happy resident of Charlestown for the past 1 ½ years. I volunteer for the Treasure Sale and regularly help a resident who needs some assistance. I was President of the Maryland Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers the year they were granted licensure in Maryland, Director of Social Work for the Visiting Nurse Association for eight years, and Supervisor of the Deinstitutionalization Program for the Baltimore County Department of Social Services before starting my own business, Social Work Associates, Inc. I am the proud Mother of three wonderful children, Mitchell, Howard, and Lauren Saks.

Ken Jarboe

James T. Stadter

Before moving to Charlestown in 2017, I lived in Howard County for 40 years with my wife Pat and our three children. I worked as Principal Staff Engineer at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory and was also chairman of the Applied Mathematics Program in Hopkins’ Part-Time Master’s Program. My undergraduate degree from Loyola University is in Engineering-Physics and my Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics is from American University. Hobbies include reading, traveling, and walking daily about Charlestown where I have met many fellow residents. If elected to the Residents’ Council I will seek input from residents and use that to make our community even better.