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Nominating and Elections Committee 2020

With the start of the new year comes the forming of the Nominating & Election committee and its efforts to find new candidates for the Resident Council. Council members serve for three-year terms on a rolling basis. Seven members will retire at the end of August and need to be replaced with qualified candidates. The committee tries to recruit twice that number in order to give all residents a choice and to be able to fill unexpected vacancies that arise during the year. As the committee does its soliciting, please be open to a call and consider serving on this very worthwhile task that lets us residents have a voice in making Charlestown the best possible place to live in this stage of our lives. If you have any ideas as to who would make a good candidate, please contact a committee member. You can find their contact information on My Erickson or by checking the Bulletin Boards or Resident Directory.

This year’s committee consists of the following fellow residents and every one will be happy to hear from you:

Anna Marie Ciarrocchi, Chair
Hope Tillman, Assistant Chair
Bob Caulfield,
Bernice DeBels
Louise Dempsey
Pat Kasuda
Anthony Kowalski
Wendel Thompson