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12. State Board of Nursing – Criminal History Records Checks

Requiring certain applicants for certification as a medication technician by the State Board of Nursing to submit to a certain criminal history records check; requiring the Criminal Justice Information System Central Repository of the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services to provide a revised criminal history record to the Board if the criminal history record information is reported to the Central Repository after the date of the initial criminal history records check; applying the Act prospectively: etc.


Health and Government Operations

HISTORY: Returned Passed 4/2/19
Passed HB228 to Senate 3/12
2nd Reading Amendments
Hearing 2/05 (Video of hearing)


Education, Health and Environment Affairs

HISTORY: First Reading HB228
Passed SB134 to House
Favorable w/ Amendments, Report by Ed, Health, Env. Affairs 3/12
Video of Hearing 1/30