Last Updated on September 7, 2020

Legislation of Interest to Charlestown Residents

The Legislative/Political Committee of the Residents’ Council is non-partisan and does not take a position on any bill being heard before the Maryland General Assembly. Bills will be added for tracking, as selected by the Legislative/Political Committee.

The following bills were selected by the committee because of their interest to Charlestown residents.

The status of these bills was updated throughout the 2020 session. That normally runs from January 8 to April 6. However, because of the coronavirus, lawmakers ended their session Wednesday March 18, focusing on the most urgent legislation to keep government funded and running. They then hope to come back into session in May–depending on the state of coronavirus and its impact. Those bills residents tracked which were passed and sent to the Governor are noted, along with a list of all the bills tracked with their final status.

The Maryland General Assembly has an excellent website The website can provide you with copies of the bills, sponsors and hearing dates, including all Committee media.

Bills Passed and Sent to Governor that were Tracked and Vetoed

All Bills  Tracked 2020


1 Election Law – References to Absentee Voting in Communications – Mail-In Voting HB0037 SB0145
2 Health Insurance – Prescription Insulin Drugs – Limits on Copayment and Coinsurance HB134
3 Election Law – Voting by Absentee Ballot – Prepaid Postage for Return of Ballots HB881 SB0033
4 Sales and Use Tax – Diapers – Exemption HB345 SB0040
5 Fair Maps HB1431 SB967
6 Health Insurance – Coverage for Mental Health Benefits and Substance Use Disorder Benefits – Treatment Criteria HB455 SB334
7 End of Life Option Act HB643 SB701
8 Public Health – Prescription Drug Affordability Board and Drug HB1095 SB669
9 Climate Solutions Act of 2020 – Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Act HB1425 SB0926
10 Health Facilities – Hospitals – Disclosure of Outpatient Facility Fees (Facility Fee Right-to-Know Act HB915 SB632
11 Office of the Attorney General – Senior and Vulnerable Adult Asset Recovery Unit HB745
12 Public Safety – Rifles and Shotguns – Secondary Transactions HB4 SB208
13 Health Facilities – Assisted Living Programs – Referrals and Licenses HB1615 SB966
14 Department of Aging – Grants for Aging in Place Programs – Funding HB498
15 Criminal Law – Abuse or Neglect of a Vulnerable Adult – Causing Severe Emotional Distress HB33 SB153
16 Election Law – Voting Order Priority – Individuals Who Need Extra Assistance HB142
17 Solid Waste -Prohibition on Releasing a Balloon into the Atmosphere HB13 SB28
18 Qualification of Voters – Proof of Identity HB197
19 Plastics and Packaging Reduction Act HB209 SB313
20 Housing Opportunities Made Equal Act HB231 SB530
21 Voting Registration and Voting by Students HB245 SB647
22 Redistricting Reform Act of 2020 HB346 SB284
23 Department of Aging – Assisted Living Program Subsidies – Determinations HB564 SB670
24 Criminal Law – Exploitation of Vulnerable Adult or Elderly Individual – Undue Influence HB0320 SB0702