Archives & New Digital Archives Group

The ARCHIVES OFFICE in Fountain Hill (Bld #1) contains a vast collection of paper and digital Documents and Photos, as well as, Videos and Memorabilia from Resident Groups and Clubs and Erickson Departments that tell the story of the Charlestown Community dating back to 1982.  In addition, the ARCHIVES DISPLAY CABINET at the bridge from Brookside to Edgewood has changing displays of documents, photos, and memorabilia from the Archives files on various themes that represent the development of Charlestown through the years.

Archives volunteers are continuing to document all aspects of the Charlestown Community, by working with all Resident Groups and Clubs and Erickson Departments to send their Documents, Photos, and Videos DIGITALLY to the Archives EMAIL address on a regular basis.  Please consider the archives a member of your group, club and department and keep the archives informed.

Residents and Staff are invited to visit the Archives Office, where volunteers can help you to use the Archives collection to find humorous, heart-warming, thought-provoking and even inspiring information about the past and continuing development of all aspects of our Charlestown Community

Monday, Wednesday & Friday 12:00 M – 2:00 PM Fountain Hill – Building 1 across from the Pharmacy


Janel Douglass
Bob Ricketts

Archives Office: 410-737-8838 Ext 6018356

Archives Email Address:

New Archives Display – Brookside Bridge

Sports at Charlestown

Wow, Charlestown residents participate in nine competition sports and seven leisure sports!  See great team photos and learn more about how to join in the fun.

Visit the Archives and enjoy 36 years of amazing Charlestown stories. Archives Office is open Noon – 2 PM on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  To visit at other times, email or call:
410-737-8838 Ext 8356
Janel Douglass, Archives Group Leader

Convert Your PERSONAL Videos to DVDs and Support the Archives

Charlestown Archives is providing a new service for a donation to the Archives. Archives resident volunteers Marty Tewksbury and Bob Plummer will convert your personal VHS tapes to DVDs in return for a monetary contribution to the Archives.

Conversion of one VHS tape to one DVD:
30 minutes maximum – $10 contribution to the Charlestown Archives
31 minutes – 2 hours maximum – $15 contribution to the Charlestown Archives

This does NOT include conversion of commercially produced VHS tapes.
The video and audio quality of the VHS determines the quality of the resulting DVD.

For more information and an appointment to drop off your VHS for conversion to a DVD, please call or email Marty Tewksbury. Contact information can be found in the Resident Directory.

New Archives Display – Learn How You Can Embrace Wellness

New Archives Display

Located at Brookside/Edgewood Bridge

Learn How You Can

Take the 28 Day Challenge
To Make Every Day Count
with Healthy Lifestyle Changes

7 Dimensions of Wellness are
Emotional, Spiritual, Environmental, Physical, Occupational, Intellectual and Social Wellness.

Staying Fit at Charlestown is Easy Peasy

Don’t forget to take a look at the Archives Display Cabinet as you head over the bridge to the Auditorium or Brookside elevators. Every two months there’s a completely new display theme which includes documents and photos from the Archives.  The current Archives display, Staying Fit at Charlestown Is Easy Peasy, has documents and photos of the 35-year history of our Pool and Fitness Centers and fitness classes. See photos of classes including the resident-run morning exercise class which began 35 years ago. This display demonstrates the many fun and effective ways available to residents to stay fit at Charlestown.

Check out the new Charlestown Fitness Song.  Write your own verse for the song and email or bring it to the Archives, across from the pharmacy on Main Street in Fountain Hill [Bldg. 1].

Warning: Daily exercise and healthy eating leads to increased awesomeness!!