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Charlestown Self Quarantines During COVID-19

CVS Pharmacy Pickup Instructions

Pharmacy Non-Contact Pick Up Instructions: 1.  Call CVS Pharmacy (410-737-8820) and speak with a staff member to place orders for prescriptions or over-the-counter items.2.  Inform the CVS staff member you would like to pick up your order.3. Call the pharmacy before...

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Ideas and Recipes for Charlestown’s Delivered Food

Peggy Crebs has submitted ideas and recipes for Charlestown delivered foods. Ed Piechowiak has added additional suggestions.
(1) Uses for the Delivered Dole Fruits
(2)Other Uses for the Bourbon Sauce and Uses for Marinades
(3)Sprucing up Delivered Soups– Tomato, Chicken, Mushroom
(4) Using Delivered Foods for New Recipes, such as a Chicken Stew with a Nut Butter, Chicken Piccata, and Easy Meat Sauces

Call Peggy for any recipes. They will be delivered via inner-community mail.

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Memorial Day 2020 Sing-a-Long

The first Charlestown Memorial Day patriotic sing-a-longs were a big hit among the participants from Herbert’s Run!  The event, which included singing of God Bless America and This Land is Your Land, took place on Wednesday, May 20, 2020 between 1:30 – 3:30 PM. Many...

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Covid Car Care

I learned that it's not good for your car to sit without being driven for long periods.  A resident shared with me that squirrels did hundreds of dollars in damage to his car.  Also, the battery benefits from being driven occasionally.  Especially with hotter weather...

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Meal Delivery Message

Thanks to the Atrium worker who addressed my meal bag.  It was my habit to share cartoons/jokes with servers, and I enjoyed reading the message on the bag, "It will get better. Miss your jokes." Submitted by Dick Crebs

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SIx Foot Separation Crossword

The following original crossword puzzle is a puns and anagrams puzzle (British type) with a timely theme and Charlestown-related clues. If you have a printer available, you can click on it, and then print it from your screen. The solution is available upon...

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