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Climate Change: A Conservative Position

Conservative Values Study Group will discuss climate change in its next meeting. All residents are welcome to attend. 

Thursday, October 17, 2019
7 – 8 PM
Charlestown Square Gallery

Special Note: Our group conducted a survey of most desired topics for discussion and study. The top choices were: gun control and second amendment rights; global warming/ environmental stewardship; immigration/ open or regulated borders; and racial justice.

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Conservative Values Group Explores Gun Ownership

The Conservative Values Study Group invites residents to its next meeting:

Gun Ownership
Thursday, July 18, 2019
7 – 8 PM
Brookside 1 Classroom

We will explore the subject of gun ownership. For some advance information, please go online to PragerU and watch their videos entitled:

Is Gun Ownership A Right?
What Should We Do about Guns?

For some additional thoughts, read:
Armed and Aging: Should Seniors Be Allowed to Keep Guns? []

Questions? Contact Betty Brown Young. For contact information, see the Resident Directory in MyErickson.