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September, 2017

Improvements to the carryout programs in the Fireside and Atrium restaurants were introduced in September 2017. The goal was to enhance the quality of items offered and provide a uniform experience regardless of the operation you choose to utilize for your carryout needs.

The timeframe for pickup of carryout is from 2:30-3:30 PM, Monday through Saturday, and varies by location on Sundays. Please see the schedule for each restaurant located in the carryout pick up area for details. Carryout food will not be produced outside of these times.

The pickup time for your order(s) will be based on 15 minute increments during the timeframe of operation (ex. 2:45, 3:00, etc.). These times will be indicated on the order sheets.

There will be a limited number of order sheets for each 15 minute period; once all the sheets are gone for a period, you will have to select one of the remaining pickup periods.

Your meal will be bagged and ready for pick up at the time indicated on the sheet.

All orders for the current day must be submitted by 1:30 pm. Orders will not be accepted for the current day after that time. Order sheets for the following day will be available approximately 24 hours in advance.

Any handwritten modifications to an order sheet will not be honored (ex. changing times, writing in menu items, etc.). If you have questions or special requests you should speak to someone in the restaurant before placing your order.

Your meal will be prepared with the same care and quality that we prepare meals for the dining room and it will appear as close to the plated presentation as possible.

If you are not able to pick your order up within the hour of operation, it will be held for you, but we cannot guarantee the quality of your order. It is strongly recommended that you pick your order(s) up during the hour of operation.