Last Updated on September 23, 2022

Below is the list of reoccurring topics of interest I have taken the responsibility to maintain and update periodically or when timely. I submit them after first sending them to Managers to alter or add before re-submitting them to reappear in the Sunburst or our website.

1. Need Something Fixed or Repaired? Updated General Services contact instructions are on our website, with the current hours under General Services Communications. A Sunburst posting is in the September issue. Address your labels precisely when ordering online, including building names. If you receive a misdelivered package, report it to your lobby desk. The Quarterly GS Town Hall is on 9/26 and will be available on the ME Community Videos the next day or so.

2. Reoccurring Opportunities for Voicing Concerns: Found listed under Campus Info>Getting Things Done and Getting Started, has been recently updated with Security and EMS info. A similar “Tips for Residents” will be posted in the October Sunburst. The Council Communication Form icon on our website can be used at any time to alert the Council to a problem. Also, the Administration is welcoming comments, and to send them to

3. Resident Directory Info: The latest printed version, September, can be obtained by asking at lobby desks. The only E-directory is on My Erickson, which is password protected. Changes should be directed to the Res. Life Asst., Deanna Booker, at Ext. 601-8230. Residents will be automatically included in the E-directory, to opt out you must contact CR. To join My Erickson, contact CR. If you have not received the recent phone calls or texts from Alert Media reach out to Deanna.

4. The website has a link to the new My Nutrition. There are photos of the Caribbean Social, and of the Fruits of Our Labor Event under each Club/Group photoed. The CCI website has directions to add photos to resident ME profiles under “Tech Help”, among other useful topics. Hope is creating a team of residents to assist other residents with the use of computers, those interested in helping can reach out to her. Questions or suggestions for the website may be submitted on the Home Page.

5. BCF: September has been BCF Month, and BCF committee members have been out in the community at informational tables during meal hours. Patti Santoni presented a BCF: Myth & Realities, in the Auditorium on 9/20, and will be available on ME Videos soon. A Seasonal Pop-Up Sale was 9/23 at the Fireside area, and the next will be the Crafts Fair on Nov. 29. Seasonal Pop-Up Sales are available for clubs to sell their items for BCF. The Channel 972 Telethon was on Thursday, 9/22 with proceeds forthcoming. The next Treasure Sale will be October 27-29. Volunteers are needed to sort prior to the Sale in various store rooms around Campus. Volunteers are also needed year-round for apt. clean-outs. The next Memory Walk ceremony is Nov. 18th, and the last day to purchase a brick is Sept. 30th.

6. Community Resources: A Fall Fun Festival is scheduled for 10/21 and volunteers are needed, contact Allison at CR. Council Committees are to urge their members and others to add photos to their ME profiles. This is supported by the Res. Life Committee with an eye on our 40th Anniversary next year. The CCI website has directions for this under “Tech Help”.

7. Medical Center: Masks are required at the Medical Center, in all healthcare situations, and inside Continuing Care. The last Flu Clinic is scheduled for September 28 in the Cross Creek Lobby from 8-Noon, otherwise, make an appointment with the Medical Center. Notify the Med Center if you received your flu shot outside of Charlestown. The next Covid Booster Clinic is scheduled for Oct. 12, look for paperwork on your shelf. Dean asks us to please complete the CMS Surveys, sent by Medicare, regarding recent visits to our Medical Center. Sign up for the Care Path Program, even though you may have your doctor off-campus, in case of emergencies. Check CC visitation restrictions before you go there. Start to think about Medicare questions you may have for Erickson Advantage, to prepare for Medicare Open Enrollment in October.

8. Move-out Process at End of Life: Updated and found permanently on our website in the Blog area. An updated article, including the need for an “Authorization for Entry to Living Unit” form, was approved by Finance and was published in the September Sunburst. A similar Transition Process article was in the November Sunburst and is posted on our resident website.

9. Housekeeping specials have ended, but all services are available at regular pricing. Staff is close to being at full numbers. Home Support Services wants to remind residents that they can help with laundry, pet care, and meal delivery services, among the many other services offered as shown on our website under Home Support.

Extras: Mask restrictions on Staff have been eased, except for Medical Facilities. The Fountain Hill breakfast bar is open, and a new name is being canvassed until 9/23. The Sales Referral Program is extended until the end of the year and Sales is looking for a resident who knows sign language to help. The Film Library is seeking volunteers for the Night at the Movies, contact Phil Benzil. The 2022 Resident Satisfaction Survey will be underway Oct. 3, you should have received notice on your shelf. Naomi is retiring as a Resident Board of Director at the end of the year and a replacement is being sought, applicants should reach out to Pat Rudolph. Thank you for your service Naomi!

Charlie Eichenlaub
Communications Committee