Last Updated on July 24, 2021

Below is the list of topics I have taken the responsibility to maintain and update periodically or when timely. I submit them after first sending them to Managers to alter or add before re-submitting them to reappear in the Sunburst or our website.

1. Need Something Fixed or Repaired? Updated General Services contact instructions are found on our website with the current hours under General Services Communications. An updated posting was also in the July Sunburst, suggesting residents call the Computer Services phone for Internet issues.

2. Reoccurring Opportunities for Voicing Concerns: Found listed under the above in Campus Info>Getting Things Done and New Residents. All info is now under review, and the next posting will be whenever these types of gatherings are convened again. In the meantime, there is a stream-lined version of existing events on the website and the Council Communication Form icon on our website can be used at any time to alert the Council to a problem.

3. Resident Directory Info: Found in the Blog Section of our website by entering a subject in the “Search” block on the right side. The hard-copy Resident Directory, including the e-copy, was last published in late June with residents living in CC included under WO and CW. The alternative, My Erickson version, is self-correcting with help from the How-To-Guides under Resident Resources but is not a source for Admin updates. A revised ME Directory is being constructed.

4. Swift Reach: The latest version is found on the website on the Home page, at the bottom left, under the Alert Line info, shown in Blue and includes Swift 911. There is a red Emergency Info icon on the website Home Page that opens to include this info also. The full article, including photos, was in the March Sunburst. The next will be in September.

5.BCF: The Tin Cup was played on June 21 and raised $27,133.06. There is an ongoing raffle for Quilts until the end of July. The Charlestown Quillers raised $442 during their sale out of the Cross Creek display case in June. The Employee Tool Sale raised $815 and Corporate offices raised $816 for Return to Work Spirit week.
The Charlestown Treasure Virtual Sale on FB has specific items on sale regularly. Treasure stores are open at regularly scheduled hours. The Ladies Boutique now is offering a “Personal Shopper” service, as described under website Announcements. A limited Treasure Sale may be announced for October in the Erickson Center, but collections are still suspended as volunteers have been recently requested. Tune in Tuesday at the Town Hall for an update. Memory Walk Brick orders can be placed for the Fall Ceremony.

6. Community Resources: ME has now signed up over 1000 residents. The Annual Leadership Meeting will be in the auditorium on 8/3 at 10 am to help organize the “Fruits of Our Labors” event on 9/17. Also, Rose Sands asks Groups/Clubs to confirm their current meeting rooms and times and asks committees to continue to urge their members and others to add photos to their ME profiles. The CCI website has directions for this under “Tech Help”. Wi-Fi enhancements are continuing, and Aida has replaced Heather to oversee this project.

7. Medical Center: Stay Hydrated during the hot summer season! Masks are still required in certain settings, including the Medical Center and crowds of over 50 people. HR is encouraging, not mandating, remaining staff to get vaccinated; the staff is now over 60% vaccinated. Make a point of getting your Annual Wellness check! Volunteers are sought to help with the CC Intermissions Program activities. Check out Erickson Advantage Medicare Supplement Insurance for special Charlestown benefits. Sign up for the Care Path Program, even though you may have your own doctor off-campus, in case of emergencies.

8. Move-out Process at End of Life: Found permanently on our website in the Blog area. The article, including the need for an “Authorization for Entry to Living Unit” form, was approved by Finance and was published in the June Sunburst.

9. Housekeeping is offering specials on cleaning through September. Home Support Services resident volunteer to assist on their Home Health Advisory Council is Carol Jones, who reports what’s happening to the Health Services Committee.

Extras: Staff shortages are still affecting all departments. HR is hard at work to recruit. All-inclusive Resident Town Halls, once a month, have replaced the GS and Dining Town Halls until further notice. The next is Tues., 7/27 at 10 am. Dining is promoting the “Meet and Eat” program in Dining Rooms and will change meal delivery menu selections in August. Aida emphasized that computer issues should be referred to the IT dept., not GS. Heather Sheridan, AED, has left her position, and management is recruiting her replacement. In the meantime, Aida will oversee the Wi-Fi enhancement program. The Board of Directors will meet here next week.

Charlie Eichenlaub
Communications Committee