Last Updated on April 29, 2021

Gatehouse Frequently Asked Questions

In light of recent events around the world, we are taking a conservative approach to enhance the safety and security of our community. We have reviewed our standard operating procedures with our security team and expect them to use professional discretion when screening visitors at the gate.

Q: Have security procedures at the front gate changed?
A: No, the front gate procedures have not changed.

Q: How do I get my visitors pre-verified to enter Charlestown?
A: Please call Security Dispatch at 410-737-8806 in advance of your unregistered visitor’s arrival. You will be asked to provide the following information: the name of the visitor; the approximate date/time of arrival, and the location where to direct your visitor.

Q: Do pre-screened visitors need to be verified to enter Charlestown?
A: No. Registered visitors that have already been pre-verified by Security and issued a unique numbered registration pass (sticker or hang tag) to aid in their entry will be admitted into the Community.
Q: How does my visitor get on Campus if Security was not notified that they were coming?
A: Unregistered visitors will be stopped at the gate. Security and Emergency Services Officers will obtain the visitors name(s) and determine the reason for the visit. The SEO should then complete the verification process by calling the individual being visited. Once approved, the SEO will issue the appropriate passes and open the gate to allow entry.

Q: What happens if Security cannot reach you to verify the visitor?
A: The Officer will inform the person that they will need to get authorization before access can be granted. The visitor will be asked to exit the property.

If there are further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Security Manager, Reyn Giese, at 410-737-8838, extension 601-8607.