Last Updated on October 19, 2020

Jennifer Simon is an Erickson employee who is a licensed insurance agent for Erickson Advantage, a CMS recently recognized 5-Star Medicare Advantage plan offered by United Healthcare. Erickson Advantage is only available to Erickson Living residents. Jennifer is offering free advice on any individual questions you or your family member have on your current health insurance and you DO NOT have to join Erickson Advantage to obtain your answers.

Many residents have Medicare and Medicare Supplemental Insurance. Medicare Open Enrollment began on October 15th and ends on December 7th. We should now be examining our current health or prescription changes that may necessitate a change in our health insurance. Or we may have questions regarding options that we may foresee in our future.

Please note that Medicare regulations prevent Jennifer from contacting residents who are not members of Erickson Advantage. If you are not a member, you have to contact her first.  So, it’s up to you to reach out to obtain the free info and guidance. You may call or email Jennifer at any time to set up an individual appointment at 443-297-3110 or leaving your name, address, phone, and/or email address on her voicemail, if she is out. Family members may also attend.  To obtain your best answers you should be prepared to share your current benefits and premiums with Jennifer.

Although there are no strings attached to join the Erickson Advantage plan, you and your family may want to listen carefully to specific benefits that are available for Charlestown residents in both Independent Living and Continuing Care. Once you join, there is an onsite Member Services Representative to answer benefit and health insurance questions, to help with arranging doctor’s appointments, and to arrange for transportation to medical appointments. There is also a Care Coordinator, a registered nurse, who assists members with managing their health care needs.
 Erickson Advantage information cards have been placed at Lobby desks around campus for your convenience. The info is also displayed on Channel 972 and Digital Boards. Look for further communications on Channel 972 each Monday through Dec. 7 during the Daily News Segments expounding on the CMS recognized 5-Star Erickson Advantage Plan.
Charlie Eichenlaub
Communications Committee