An anonymous elderly lady from the Odenton Senior Center knit 308 small squares and asked a friend of Susan Kowalewski (resident) if she knew anyone who might put them together. She claimed she was not up to putting the squares together. All she wanted was a picture of the finished project. Susan’s friend brought the 308 squares to her in a large black garbage bag, and Susan brought them to the Sew ‘N’ Sews group, of which she belongs, to get the coverlet together.

Seven members in the group proceeded to put four of the small squares together to make the petal pattern. They did this at their homes as well as at the group gathering. It took the group from approximately October 2018 until July 2019 to piece it all together. Finally, Chris Buppert crocheted an edge all around to give it a finishing touch.

Thank you to the Sew ‘N’ Sew members who participated and donated the coverlet to be raffled to benefit the Benevolent Care Fund: Mary Ackerman, Chris Buppert, Marilyn Ford, Ardeth Johns, Susan Kowalewski, Irene Roberts, and Lucy Sorensen.