On August 6, 2019, there was a campus wide power outage at Charlestown. Once Security had an idea of what had happened, a text message was sent through the Swift 911 Emergency Text Alert Program, advising residents and staff that the power was out throughout Campus, and they were seeking answers to the problem. Later we were advised that BGE was onsite and working on the problem, then that it was partially restored, and so on until all power was back.

If you have opted in for Swift 911 emergency text messaging and did not receive a text message on Tuesday, Aug. 6, please contact Security and Emergency Services at 410-737-8806. If you have not opted-in, please note that a cell phone (if it is charged) will work during power outages. Residents may chose to list a cell phone number for “Swift Reach only” (but not for listing in a public Charlestown phone directory.)

Recently, General Services has added the Swift911 Text Alert Program that allows them to notify you via text message (chat) in emergency situations, if you have a smartphone. Send a text message to 443-947-3474 by typing add.  You will receive a text message reply: Swift911: Thank you for registering for Charlestown Emergency Alerts.

One important preparedness step is to write down the information you need to contact your loved ones. Then, when your cell phone is drained of power and/or another electronic source of contact information is not available, you will be able to rely on your printed list.

Charlie Eichenlaub
Resident Council Communications Committee