In case of emergencies:

Depending on the circumstances of a situation, Charlestown Management may opt to provide information via the Swift Reach Network. This is an automated phone system that can send recorded phone messages to all residents who phone numbers are registered in its data base.

Pre-recorded messages will be sent to Resident’s phones based on the incident’s geographic location within the Community, the magnitude of the event’s effect on the Community, and/or the potential impact to the Community. For example, a significant flood isolated to St. Charles would only be sent
to those Residents. A tornado warning would be sent to all Residents.

Speakers still present in buildings will not be used. They are antiquated and most may not work.

The Swift Reach calls will be made to the Residents phone number on record in the Resident Directory.

You may register any phone (land line, cordless or cell) as your contact phone for Swift Reach calls. If your phone requires electricity, it will not work in the case of a power outage. Phones which are connected to a phone jack in the wall, and do not require electricity to function, will work in
the case of a power outage. If you wish to have a different phone be your phone number of record for Swift Reach, you must utilize a Resident Directory change form obtained from any Lobby Desk and specify on the form this number is “for Swift Reach only” and returned to any Lobby Desk.

In case you do not hear the Swift Reach message in its entirety or your voice mail message was cut off, call the Alert Line 410-314-7944 to hear the message.

If you learn later that there was a Swift Reach Alert and your phone records indicate you did not get the call, you may contact General Services to have them verify if the call was made to your designated phone.

Charlie Eichenlaub